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Andrew Parsegian is a seasoned New York-based composer, producer and music educator.

He has worked with major label artists such as Grammy-winner Kiyanu Kim, Ben Jelen, Kristin Hoffmann, and James Rotondo.

He has collaborated with upcoming talents such as MASMA, Maia Pillot, and Alex Cella. His credits include sound design and audio engineering for Anna Gaskell's films, music composition for Michel Gondry-directed Microsoft commercials, and global gaming company 5th Epoch Publishing.

He has toured the continental U.S. several times, playing festivals that included Pete Yorn, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon, and The Police. He has performed at Carnegie Hall. Last year he produced the several records for recording artists Julianne Mason, Chris Way, and Dyanna Cannon. He's enjoyed teaching many students over the years, who are now musicians in their own right.

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"Over the last five years, Andrew has worked with me as a music advisor, sound designer, audio mixer, and producer. He is a man of great charm, humor, and imagination. In all occasions, Andrew has brought technical proficiency and an original point of view to my film projects. I cannot recommend him more highly."

- Anna Gaskell, filmmaker/director/artist

"Andrew’s music was instrumental (no pun intended) in making my film.  So much of the story needed an emotional nuance that he was able to impart.  I had an editor who worked on my film tell me that he could listen to the music over and over and never tire of it. Andrew was helpful in the final sound mix as well. You won’t find a more talented musician to write a score than Andrew."

- Natalie Picoe, Director of Strike Dice! Betting on my Father

"Andrew's the best. I've worked with him on a number of albums and song projects, and he's very communicative, very organized, and frequently goes above and beyond when working on my material. I've learned so much about mixing and mastering through working with him, and everything about my recording process has improved as a consequence. I recommend Andrew to anyone who needs help making a song or record the most it can be."

-Chris Way, singer/songwriter

" i love working with andy. while researching locals to work with to record a new christmas song that required a pianist, i saw a video that included a song with tremendous piano and string arrangement. i found out andy had performed and mixed the music for it and contacted him. i sent my song idea in "scrap piano form" and he listened to what i described for the song, then he recorded, mixed and mastered the music and sent back a beautiful masterpiece. i have since worked with him on other songs and each time he has produced high quality, well produced and mixed instrumentals that fit the song , bringing it to a new level. his work met my expectations and he always gave high attention to details. for an amateur like myself it's  hard to relay music ideas in words, but Andy works carefully and efficiently to interpret my intentions for the songs. his work is done at a reasonable price.

- Dyana Cannon, singer/songwriter

"Andrew is a the TOTAL music teacher with expertise in teaching a HUGE range of subject areas from Piano and classical Music Theory (he tutored me through six semesters of hard-core music theory, ear training, and score reading at Juilliard!) to contemporary Electronic Music (tutoring me in Logic Pro composition and electronic Drum and Beat construction).
His broad background in ALL KINDS of music means that he is equally at home explaining Bach masses and Puccini operas, as he is discussing Sondheim musical theater, pop music by The Beatles or Cold Play, or EDM pop music by Zedd or Deadmau5.  He also knows a ton about composition, vocal and electronic music production, and performing, whether that be in a concert recital or in a wedding band.  But on top of all that, you could not find a more down-to-earth, friendly, patient, energetic, and happy-to-help-you-learn teacher in any music subject…anywhere! Years ago, Andrew came enthusiastically referred to me from another music professional, and after being taught by Andrew for these past six years, can honestly say that he is a one-of-a-kind, music maestro who is kind, articulate, and lot of fun to learn with!"

-Paul Gavriani, music composer, Corcoran Group real estate broker

"Mondays with Andrew
 My youngest son began working with Andrew when he was five years old.  Owen is now 10 and every Monday for the last five years, Andrew has become a part of our life – and part of our family.
Andrew has the ability to do what all piano teachers can do – teach your child to read music and play songs.  But that is really just the beginning of what those Mondays have become.  He has taught him to be kind and patient, to focus and be attentive, to find the music that speaks to him and also teach him music theory while introducing him to new genres he might never have discovered.  It has really become so much more than just teaching him piano – far more than I ever expected.  So my otherwise “rough and tumble” boy spends his Monday afternoons writing songs and perfecting old ones and learning invaluable life lessons on what is means to be a good, kind and talented man from one of the best. "

- Brittley Wise, Chief Operating Officer, Core Real Estate

"Andy is an experienced and charismatic guitar teacher! He was able to immediately help me improve my technique and teach me the theory behind the music we covered. We didn't just go over the chords to popular songs but rather why those chords could be used together and why. I've been playing guitar for over 5 years, but I feel I've made significantly more progress in the past 6 months under Andy's tutoring than in the time before. Highly recommended for students at any level."

-Juan Herrera, Parsons Design Graduate program